Service Debug Settings



To configure debug:

  1. Go to Help > Service Debug Settings.
  2. Change configuration according with your needs (or as per adviced by support people)
  3. Click Save.


  • Debug Capture:
    • None:
    • Basic - Control Stream:
    • All - Control and Data Stream:
  • Debug Capture Duration: Duration 
  • Tracing Priority:
  • Max Trace Files:
  • JTAPI Tracing: Debug various kind of tracing at various level of detail for JTAPI via JTPREFS.
    • Trace Levels
      • WARNING: Trace only warning type events
      • INFORMATIONAL: Trace only status events
      • DEBUG: Trace only debugging events. By enabling DEBUG you can enable or disable various debugging leveles.
    • Debug Levels:
      • JTAPI_DEBUGGING: Trace methods and events.
      • JTAPINPL_DEBUGGING: Trace internal JTAPI implementation.
      • CTI_DEBUGGING: Trace CUCM events that are sent to the JTAPI implementation.
      • CTIIMPL_DEBUGGING: Trace internal CTICLIENT implementation.
      • PROTOCOL_DEBUGGING: Full CTI protocol decoding
      • MISC_DEBUGGING: Trace miscellaneous low-level debug.


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